Sunday, 14 October 2012

Whoo Hoo my first card with Toreads - Flora! - CC October Challenge

Oh my what a week I have had! Since last Friday the 5th I have had the headache from hell, went to see a Doctor who said that I had a trapped nerve in my neck which was pulling on my membrane on the right of my head and gave me strong painkillers (Codine & Paracetamol).  I suffered so badly over the weekend the pain was excrutiating.
Monday I was back to the Docs, no make-up and hair not done that was how bad I was, he gave me Diclofenac and told me that taking Codine makes it worse and not to take anything else other than the Diclofenac!
Wednesday came, couldn't stand it anymore, didn't seem to work, so went back to the Doctors to be given Diazapam and was basically out of it till yesterday afternoon!!!! 
It was my first time back on my PC on Saturday and had loads of e-mails!!!! I have been using my daughters I-Pad but only for a short time here and there to catch up with FaceBook as couldn't stand being away from craft!!!! Feeling a whole lot better today, I am so relieved, still a bit woosy but better!! Pain hasn't gone totally but can live with it! 
Anyway just had to get on with a card with my new Toread CD which I won on the Crafter's Companion Blog Hop!!!!
So chuffed!!! So here it is!
Made using 8x8 scalloped card.  I have used Gold Mirri as my matting and layering and just had to use one of the gorgeous decoupage papers, I choose Flora as I love her cute face!  I cut out one of the border panels, these are fab by the way! 
I then mounted this onto one of the beautiful backing papers!  I then added a few leaves from my Marianne Die, some Card Candi and then used my Magic Mirror Die'sire Die and mounted the sentiment onto it! Oh and then I added some tiny gems along the border!

Entered into Octobers Crafter's Companion Birthday Challenge
I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it!
Would love to read you comments they make my day :-)
Love Debbie xxx 


  1. Good Morning Debbie,
    So glad you are felling well enough to be posting on your Blog, that was some headache. For you to out without doing your hair.......WELL!!!

    Anyway, love this, your right that wee face is just so darned cute.
    Keep well and keep Blogging
    Have a Great Day


  2. Oh Debbie, poor you, I hope you are feeling better now! and CONGRATULATIONS on winning the cd, it is fabulous and so much fun to use. Your card is gorgeous, really love it xxxx

  3. Gorgeous card Debbie, congratulations on winning the CD.
    Hope your head's feeling much better.
    Lorraine x

  4. Oh! wow Debbie this is one gorgeous card, love the it. Hope your neck feels better soon

    Donna x